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Lamont Patterson aka K Diddy, CEO of WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS.Brings you the best of New and Established Artists,Rock,R N B,Jazz,Hip Hop,Country, If you got the heat let's hear it!

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Sat Nite Turn Up - Wake N Bake Hosted by Snoopy SoFly

You Know what time it is. We go all the way in with the hottest news, gossip,music 411 an more.Tune in every Sat am and Sat pm With your Favorite Host Snoopy SoFly

Friday Night Turn up @ 07:30 Central Standard
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Can A Playa Play

Our show, Can A Playa Play, a World Movement Enterprise, has been an informative broadcasting show for over 9 years, with over 5 million listeners all around the globe, and known for their Innovative topics that perpetuate positive propaganda.

We would like to extend an invite to everyone, Let’s Talk About Talking, addressing the hottest topics in the world today in regards to Love, Family, Sex, Politics, Spiritually, etc.

Please tune in and join Lamont Kdiddy Patterson your host, an Dr. Matthew Anderson, a relationship coach, and bestseller Author, The Resurrection of Romance.

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Dr. Matthew Anderson
Co-hosting with Lamont Patterson Sunday’s 2:30 PST

To create a life
With such ferocity
Such passion and tender elegance
Such attention to what is meaningful
And soulful
That one becomes entirely irreplaceable
A force of being without a wasted breathA fullness, a light
That gives even in its passing
A glimpse of the face of God

Dr. Matthew Anderson
Coach for Life
Helping individuals, couples, families and organizations
survive and thrive during difficult times

Anderson Elegant Art
"the power of beauty"
398 Camino Gardens Blvd.Suite 209
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

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